Monogram Preview Disclaimer

We really hope you enjoy the monogram preview feature on select products! We have a few disclaimers that you must agree to at checkout. By checking the box on your order, you are agreeing to everything in the statements below. Please note, since you are agreeing to this, we cannot refund or give any money back for differences between preview images and finished products.

For embroidery and engraved products, the preview you are seeing is a digital rendering of our best estimate for letter placement. Due to software limitations, we are forced to recreate your file on your order in our production facility using a different program than what you are viewing on your screen. This means that one of our lovely employees still hand creates your order based on your selections, and there is still some room for creative development to make your letters look as beautiful as possible. The spacing between the letters may vary depending on the fabric and the font you choose compared to what the preview is showing you. The preview is meant to give you our best estimate on how the product will look, but it is not an exact rendering. The color may slightly differ because of the difference in programs that we use. We cannot refund your money if the spacing, size, boldness, or placement of your letters varies in person compared to the preview product. In the old days, sites like ours were unable to offer previews simply because the technology was unavailable. Now that we have this technology available for your use, hopefully this will help you make your font and color selections that you are satisfied with! We are unable to make special accommodations for orders unless it is cleared with our Customer Service team.

We have included suggested color combinations for letters as indicated on the product preview pages. We cannot control the color of your screen or monitor, so we suggest making your selections based on our recommendations. The color in person may vary compared to your screen, so please confirm any questions you have with Customer Service before placing an order.

For products that are printed or applied with vinyl you are seeing the exact planned spacing and boldness for your product. If the letter spacing is not showing the way you want, we suggest choosing a different font. These files are production ready when your order is placed and this is exactly what will be made on your item. If we notice that something is not lining up, we may open the art file and edit it. By agreeing to this preview disclaimer, you are giving us creative power to adjust something slightly without contacting you if it does not line up appropriately. For example, if you order a bromate and you want the name “Jones on the circular center shape, we may change it to be three lines rather than one line so that it looks better. We cannot guarantee that the person making the file will personally think three lines looks better, so expect to receive it on one line unless you have been in contact with customer service prior to placing an order. We cannot control the creative suggestions of all of our employees and we want to make everything look as perfect as possible! We are not liable for changing your spacing unless you have spoken to a customer service rep about the order before it is placed. If you contact us after the order is placed and it is already in production, we may not be able to make any changes and we will not be able to refund any money. We cannot edit orders once they are placed. Expect to receive what you see on the screen. If you are not happy with what you see on the screen, we do not suggest checking out unless you have been in communication with Customer Service you can call us at 434-525-7271

Some products are unable to be previewed with monograms like filigree necklaces. With these items, the preview offered is just a preview for letter placement for the order of the initials so you can tell which one will be in the middle! Some items on our website cannot be monogrammed, like Monogram Love promotional products. If the choice for a monogram is not on the item, it cannot be monogrammed.